Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Maybe Games: U.S.-Iranian Relations

Tomorrow the U.S. and Iran might begin drafting the final terms of a nuclear agreement, which consists of Iran curtailing its nuclear programs and allowing for greater transparency and the rest of the world lifting nuclear-related sanctions that have been imposed.

As an Iranian-American, the idea of any type of interaction, much less an actual deal, between the two countries feels like a miracle. I clearly remember all the hubbub and excitement on the part of Iranians when Clinton and Khatami almost shook hands at a UN gathering. ALMOST SHOOK HANDS. This was about 15 years ago and I can remember the feeling that overtook me when I heard. There’s an initial feeling of euphoria when one’s mind automatically turns to if-only thoughts of a world where Iran and the U.S. get along. The euphoria is quickly replaced by pessimism when those thoughts are replaced by remembrance of the history between the two countries, followed by whispered eagerness and hope, quiet desperation, and finally despondent resignation. We wipe such ridiculous notions from our mind and march on with our torn lives.

So, where am I according to the five stages of U.S.-Iranian grief?