Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Watch

The best part of The Watch was that I didn't pay $14 to see it. The second best part was Billy Crudup as the creepy neighbor. The third best part was Richard Ayoade. He had the best part. I can't wait to see him in more films.

Lonely, uptight Evan lives in a small town and tries to fill his days by being the stepford resident in charge. When someone he knows gets murdered, he starts another club - The Neighborhood Watch. The local fringe residents and local party boy join him in his endeavor. They have run-ins with the incompetent, power-tripping cops, cliche ornery resident, and aliens who are planning an invasion.

It's spastic and full of that frantic, nonsense comedy that's popular these days. It's reached a ridiculous point that's no longer entertaining. The movie does manage to find it's heart about three-quarters of the way through the movie. There are some fleeting poignant moments, but it's not a movie you sit and watch. It's something you have on in the background while you iron.

But seriously, Billy Crudup should always play creepy dudes. I've thought that since Inventing the Abbots.

Repulsive Mention:

The part where an adult member of the neighborhood watch was objectifying girls at a high school party and then hitting on high school girls. Not okay.

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