Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer Want Blues

It's been gray, cold, and quiet in Southern California during the month of May. Maybe one day had a hint of summer. I'm not a huge fan of endless days of 90 degree weather, but when one is used to something and it doesn't come to pass, it can put one out of sorts. That's how I've been feeling, so I wrote some haikus about summer in places I've lived and visited.

         Georgia Summer
Sunshine on my skin
Love and peaches are full ripe
Ice cream tastes better

        California Summer
Swimming delights all
Time stands still and moves quickly
Kissing is more fun

       New Orleans Summer
Holding hands with you
Gin and tonic with a lime
Scent of magnolias

       NYC Summer
Picnics in the park
Come to my rooftop party
We are young and free

       Summer Everywhere
Children laugh loudly
Strangers say hi to others
Most wonderful time

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