Monday, February 13, 2012

The Walking Dead: Nebraska

Started right where the show left off. Rick with a gun in his hands and Sophia and her brains on the ground.

Beth (one of Hershel’s people) sought out a friend or relative among the walker wreckage only to have it reanimate and try to kill her. She got to watch her friend/relative get stomped and impaled.  She ends up sick, either from shock or . . . is the infection now airborne?

Shane’s accent still changes sentence to sentence. So annoying. Shane accuses Rick of being delusional for having them look for Sophia for so long. I think Rick knew that Sophia was no longer human, either dead or a walker, but he knew how much Carol needed some closure, so he kept up the search, if just to find her body.

There’s accusations that some of the farm people may have known Sophia was in the barn. How would any of the farm people know that was Sophia in the barn? They had never seen her.

When a woman asks, “What happens now,” it’s not about the next logical step in whatever is happening in the world. It’s “What is going to happen with us and our relationship?” Poor Glenn. So inexperienced with women.

How is Rick so pale? They’re out in the sun all day. At least they used bronzer on Lost. Rick needs to stop being so hard on himself. It’s a very dangerous, post-apocalyptic world. Shit is going to happen. Everyone’s traumatized. No one is thinking clearly (except for Daryl).

Andrea seems to have gotten it together. She wins the character-that-makes-the-most-sense prize for the episode so far.  However, watching a pile of dead bodies burn in a fire you started has GOT to eff you up. There’s no going back from that, but maybe it will serve as a wake-up call for anyone else watching. New world. New way of thinking.

I would like Shane and Dale to kill each other in a duel. Guns at ten paces. Uh-oh. The group seems to be slowly taking sides: Rick v. Shane. 

Ew ew ew ew ew ew . . . arm fell off . . . ew ew ew ew ew.

Dale tells Lori about Shane’s murdering ways and Lori doesn’t believe him at first. Think hard, Lori. Remember that guy who tried to rape you? Yeah, that one. I’m pretty sure THAT guy is capable of violence against others, too.

Hershel, who is winning the most-irresponsible award, runs off to a bar in town. That is so ridiculous. Rick and Glenn should just grab Hershel, tie him up, and take him back to the farm. And why the hell is Lori going into town. Rick already knows that Beth is sick and needs Hershel and told Hershel. She leaves her son without a parent to handle something that is already being handled.  What a dumb beeyotch.

OMG! Is that Rene? Yikes!!! That guy did such a good job on True Blood that he still gives me the heeby jeebies. Thank you, Rick!

The Shane situation is ruining this show. This is why he was killed off so early in the books. He’s a boil that should’ve been lanced, but wasn’t and is now poisoning the whole body.  To be honest, I’ve never wanted so many main characters in a show to die. I like Glenn and Daryl. I’d almost given up on Rick until he took care of those creepy marauders and just barely started to respect Andrea. Everyone else can get bit.

This episode started off with the usual dumb-assery, but picked up at the end. I wish the show and individual episodes were more consistent, though. Let’s hope the spring season goes at a faster pace than the fall season.

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