Monday, February 20, 2012

The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger

I was not looking forward to this episode. Having consumed many apocalyptic stories (through books, television, and the movies), I know how ugly encountering “bad guys” can be. For the first time, I thought it would be okay if they stayed on the farm and just built their own little society.

At first, I was scared thinking of myself in Lori’s position: alone and trapped in the dark with walkers trying to get at me. But then I remembered how she ended up in that position and I started rooting for the walkers. I wouldn’t have minded her being ripped limb for limb. It’s nice to see some fight in Lori. No time to be wishy-washy or emotional.

Hell no does Shane get to sit at the head of the table! Any table! That disgusting waste of a human being! Ugh!

Oh, c’mon! Rick! What a dumbass!

And Shane takes off to be a hero. I hope the walkers eat the both of them. And Carl is left without a single person he knew before the . . . whatever.

Rick tells the marauders outside, “We all know this is not going to end well.” It’s already ended. And, yes, it did not end well, but it’s all over. Everything, so nothing matters. The world ended. Everyone (except for Daryl) is a little suicidal. There can be logic and reason in this new world, but there is no reasoning with anyone.

Hershel: “I can shoot. I just don’t like to.” Dude, it’s a zombie apocalypse. This is the one time you can shoot first and ask questions later.  And damn can he shoot! (I could kill Glenn for being so still!)

The marauders take off leaving their friend who’s been shot by Hershel. At first I thought they should’ve just put him out of his misery. Leaving him to be eaten by walkers is horrible, but he did prove a nice distraction. The guy that got impaled should’ve been shot, for sure, though. A one-legged man would be a liability.*

I never thought I would ever, ever think that someone deserved to be lied to, but Lori deserved to be lied to by Shane. By anyone. How is Lori okay with being alone with him??? Shane finds out that Rick knows about him and Lori. The scared look on his face is the only moment I’ve enjoyed of him on this show. Then he goes off the deep end. Lori’s made it perfectly clear that she does NOT want him.

There needs to be more scenes like the one with Andrea, Maggie, and Beth. Not intense, but still personal. It gave a nice sense of connection between the characters.

If I see Dale with a confused look on his face one more time, I might throw up. Befuddled old men have no place in that world!

Oh my gosh! I finally like Hershel! Of course, I would like anyone that told Shane to keep his mouth shut.

And now Glenn is crazy? No bueno. He froze up because he didn’t want to die . . . So? All Rick and Shane think about is Lori and Carl. Whoever still has someone is thinking of them and doing just fine.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fan of sex on the screen. However, The Walking Dead is the one show that could use a little bit more skin. Lori helps Rick undress. Rick helps Lori undress and then . . . SHE BRINGS UP SHANE.  Lame.  Lady MacBeth to Lori: Don’t steal my schtick, bitch!

What an unpleasant episode. It’s kind of rough going from no action to the type of action and suspense that causes that gross feeling in the pit of one’s stomach. There’s still a lot of hurry up and wait. Waiting for them to leave the farm. Waiting for the seemingly inevitable division of the group into Rick/Shane camps. Waiting for some hanky panky to go down. Is the rest of the show going to be the anti-climax to the first season?

*Though in World War Z there was a character in a wheelchair that did well, but he was in a wheelchair prior to the zombie war. 

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