Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Walking Dead - 18 Miles Out

“The pain doesn’t go away. You just make room for it.” - Andrea

[flash forward] Shane and Rick are being surrounded by walkers. Oh, and the guy from the marauder group is in restraints trying to get to a knife. Interesting. Shane runs into a bus and has to hold the door shut against a grip of walkers. I like Shane in a can. I hope the walkers bust open that bus like it’s a can of tuna fish and Shane is delicious albacore. [end flash forward]

Rick confronts Shane about how he killed Otis and about how he screwed (and possibly impregnated) his wife.  “You can’t be the good guy and expect to live.” – Shane. True, but you don’t have to be a bad guy. Just willing to make the hard decisions and Rick recently has.

Lori and Maggie have calmed down a bit from their previous melodramatic nonsense. Lori is the big advice giver this episode. Better her than Dale. 

Turns out, guy from the marauder group went to school with Maggie and knows where the farm is. Bummer. That’s rich, Shane calling that guy a piece of garbage. Shane has made it so easy for Rick to make a “hard decision” about him. Especially now that Andrea is making strides at being Rambo, Shane can easily be taken out of the picture. He has no relatives, loves, or any ties other than Rick to the group. He lifts right out.

I love Andrea so much for that wicked burn on Lori! However, both Andrea and Lori have valid positions on their situations. They’ve had different experiences with the end times, so they’re bound to look at things differently, but it doesn’t mean that either of them is wrong. Having something to live for is very personal. Parents, siblings, a semi-stable life can be reasons to live for one person and not another. However, I’m surprised Andrea is so pro-choice (suicide or life) as she was talked out of killing herself and has gone on to be a badass and not suicidal. It’s also Lori’s prerogative not to want anyone to commit suicide on her watch. Tough call.

Maggie’s reaction to Beth’s request for a double suicide was brilliant. The perfect balance of horror and sadness.

Well looky who seems to be on the sucky end of a hard decision . . . Muhuhahahaha! Too bad it was a fake out for the audience and Rick was just going to find a way to rescue Shane. Wrong decision, Rick! Wrong. Decision. Of course, with Rick’s luck, if he had left Shane, Shane would’ve figured out a way to escape, make it back to camp, and vilify Rick.

This was a great episode! Forward movement. Character development. Changing group dynamics. Dale, Daryl, Carol, and T-Dog were all missing. I think the streamlined cast helped the storyline a lot. Can’t wait ‘til the next episode!

(You know, I thought one grew desensitized as one grew older, but I am having a really hard time with the gore. I guess I’ve grown soft in my old age.)

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