Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire

Oooooh. There’s that helicopter again. And that’s what set the herd of walkers on their quest to Hershel’s farm. Note to self: in case of a zombie apocalypse, chain link and barbed wire > wood.
Everyone back at the farm is worried about the group out to find Randall and Andrea wants to go looking for them. Lori says no, because if Randall came back, Andrea would be needed. Validation that you are the resident badass. Way to go Andrea! Darryl makes an observation that hints at Shane’s motives. I doubt the rest of the idiots picked up on it.

Rick is saved from confessing his ACT OF SELF-DEFENSE to Carl by the walker herd. How are the walkers already near the barn? I must not understand the layout of the farm.

“This is my farm. I’ll die here.” – Hershel Um, did I miss something? Is Hershel’s farm named the S.S. Titantic? I DON’T THINK SO!

Are the cheap fire effects and complete disregard for chemistry a throwback to old school zombie movies?
Some of the group gets into separate cars (and sexy Darryl on his motorcycle) and start acting like they’re at a carnival shoot out booth. What a waste of ammo! They can’t get all of the walkers and shooting some isn’t a deterrent. It’s not like they kill ten and the other 200 are like, “Oh, gee, we could die. Let’s turn around, guys.” *shaking my head*

“What should I do?!” – Lori, in response to not being able to find Carl in the house. Be a better mother, you worthless shrew!

Jimmy is an idiot. Once he felt Rick and Carl jump on top of the RV, he should’ve started driving. Or Rick should’ve done two taps on the windshield or something. I would say that it’s poor planning, but it’s just no planning.

Hershel looks awesome! The doctor becomes the assassin! Carol remains worthless, of course. Maybe she was running to what she thought was laundry that needed folding. Andrea saves her only to be left behind. Man, would I be pissed! After all I had done for the group and they ditch me. And Carol gets a ride on the back of Darryl’s bike. There is something horribly wrong with the universe.

I love that Maggie and Glenn are in the same car. It’s so couple-y!

I really, truly, madly, deeply thought that Hershel was going to get it. My heart was slowly starting to break as the walker approached. I didn’t like Hershel for the longest and I almost wrote him off when he took that jaunt to the bar in town. I may have hated the man who went into that bar, but I loved the man who came out. But poor Hershel. His illusionary utopia went up in flames.

I can’t imagine any viewers having ill will towards Rick for putting down Shane, but I think if you save a doctor’s life, you get a pass if you kill an asshole.

This is what every girl dreams of . . . hearing I love you with zombie smears on the window behind your head and what looks like a bloody head print behind your boyfriend’s. And all kinds of blood on the windshield. The ROMANCE! Glenn finally telling Maggie he loves her. Despite the circumstances, it was great, because it did steady her. She was on the verge of becoming seriously untethered.

Meeting up at the last place a group remembers being together is an excellent idea at Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Raging Waters, and during the zombie apocalypse. In this group’s case, it has to be the last safe place they were together: Sophia’s rendezvous spot. Well, I guess it wasn’t the last safe place, but it was the last place they were together before the barn. Man, seems like a million years ago. 

Hahahahaha! Oh, Hershel. Hey, maybe he’s right. Maybe Christ’s promise to resurrect the dead was really about zombies. Hmmmmm??? Bible class would’ve been a lot more interesting.

Lori is with Beth and T-Dawg. She wants to go back to the Sophia rendezvous point. T-Dawg doesn’t. She threatens to jump out of the car if he doesn’t go back. T-Dawg, KICK HER OUT OF THE CAR AND SPEED OFF! Do it!

Rick is about to leave the spot then Darryl and Carol roll up, then Maggie and Glenn and T-Dawg and Beth and blech. Rick admits that Shane is gone without saying how. The group wants to look for Andrea, but Rick says no and they go on their way. Rough.

On a personal note, Andrea’s predicament is why I’ll be adding miles to my runs. You never know when you’ll need the endurance. And I believe that speed and agility will be more useful than strength. Especially if it’s those damn 28 Days Later f*%@ers.

Running out of gas??? From the beginning, there should’ve been full gas cans in every car. Couldn’t they all fit in Maggie’s car? Sit on some laps, people. I agree that they shouldn’t split up, but they’re not on high ground. They’re as close to sitting ducks as can get. 

Darryl tells about how Randall wasn’t bit and had still turned. Rick reveals what the doctor told him back at the CDC. That everyone is infected and turns when they die (not of a head wound). People are all butt hurt about it. So? He’s right. How does it make a difference? How does this change their reality? I would be grossed out by the new knowledge, but would forgive the guy for keeping it to himself.

Rick walks off and Lori follows him. She gets all cozy and wifey and supportive about his decision to keep the universal infection a secret. Then Rick confesses to killing Shane IN SELF-DEFENSE. Lori pulls away in utter disgust. Are you f*%@ing kidding me??? I hate this effin beyotch!!! She practically goads Rick into killing Shane. Then gets Shane all riled up. If anyone’s hands are bloody, it’s hers. In The Talking Dead, the executive producer says that she’s upset because she feels like it’s her fault, but that’s not what I get from her reaction. Pulling away from Rick when he reaches out to comfort her and that look of contempt she gives him. Even if it is just because Carl had to kill a walker he knew, IT’S HER FAULT FOR NOT KEEPING A BETTER EYE ON HER SON! I hope she’s torn in half by walkers. Even if I have to wait ten seasons, it’ll be worth it.

Oh, hello, Michonne. Thank you for saving Andrea’s life. I’m looking forward to YOUR badassery next season.

All of a sudden, Carol decides to have an opinion about how the group should function and what type of man/leader she wants. Shut up, Carol. Does she want to be the new Shane? It’s the end times. I don’t want a man of honor. I want a man of action. The thing is, people can do whatever they want. Maggie can say, “I’m leaving, who’s coming with?” Carol would go. Glenn, too. Hershel and her sister would probably go, too. That’s not a bad group. Go on. Don’t let a zombie bite your ass on the way out.

Rick confesses to killing Shane to the group. He maybe should’ve been a bit clearer about the circumstances and Darryl could’ve jumped in, but at the least, the old ways have finally died. It’s about time for a Ricktatorship.

Oh, my. What’s that in the near distance? Is that a prison? THE prison? Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun. I think we all need a break, because things are about to get serious!