Monday, March 26, 2012

Martinez-Macklin 03-17-12

Middleweight Fight for (eye roll) WBC Diamond Middleweight Title

While I wish Martinez were fighting a higher caliber fighter, Macklin is eager and aggressive. Most boxers spend the first round slowly feeling out their opponent. These two are actively trading punches.

So far, halfway into the second round, they seem about equal, with Martinez having an edge by being a little less hesitant. And Martinez gets Macklin with a left, similar to the left that knocked out Williams. Macklin is shaken. Martinez gets two good punches in the second. Macklin still trying to move forward.

Martinez is more focused and it shows in the accuracy of his punches. I just wish he were more serious. Macklin throws a great combo in the fourth. Martinez does not look like the 10-1 favorite. And he gets in a hard left as I wrote that last sentence. Macklin answers with a hard right later on in the fourth.

Macklin gets in several great rights in the fifth, but Martinez goes in hard at the end of the round and the boxers trade punches. Macklin definitely won that round. Either Martinez is reining it in so as to entice the cowardly Mayweather or Macklin is benefitting from the power of St. Patrick’s Day.  Whatever. It’s better than watching a one-sided fight.

Macklin hits Martinez with a right. Martinez’s stumbles and his right glove touches the ground. It’s ruled a knockdown. That’s legit. The middleweights are starting to slow down in the seventh round. Martinez fights hard at the end of the round.

Martinez showing why he’s the favorite a little more in the eighth. Macklin isn’t just taking it, though. Martinez is hitting HARD.  Damn Irish chin! You gotta give it up to the Irish. They can take a punch, literally and figuratively.

I’m surprised by the lack of combinations. Even counterpunchers throw combos. Macklin has a disturbing blank look on his face, but his body is still reacting. Martinez makes the Irishman wobble, but can’t drop him.

The fighters are going at it. Macklin looks spent and like he’s going on with sheer force of will. Martinez has great head movement. Macklin isn’t moving side to side enough. Martinez finally knocks (back and then) down Macklin with a perfect straight left to the chin. Standing eight count for Macklin. Martinez knocks him down with another left, this time to the jaw, at the bell. Another standing eight. Macklin’s corner throws in the towel. Man, I love middleweights: stamina AND heavy hands!

I enjoy Martinez. I think he’s a classy and skilled fighter. But I can’t stand the hands down fighting stance. It annoys me to no end. Much credit to Macklin. His punch stats and performance were impressive. I think he could have a future on American television. I’d watch him on Boxing After Dark.

On a personal Irish note: I did see old Irish favorite, John Duddy, fight in Madison Square Garden on February 21, 2009. He was on an undercard for Cotto-Jennings/Pavlik-Rubio. That was the night I met Bert Randolph Sugar!

[I wrote this review last week and I remember thinking about what a great night it was at Madison Square Garden and meeting the great Bert Sugar. I was saddened when I heard news of his passing yesterday. I'm so glad I was able to meet him when I did and where I did. One of my fondest memories. He will be missed!]

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