Monday, March 12, 2012

The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner

Daryl seems to be a believer in the John Yoo definition of torture, as in it’s not torture if you’re trying to get certain information. Daryl does get information. Turns out that the marauder, Randall, was part of a group of about 30. They have a lot of weapons and don’t mind raping teenage girls in front of their father.

Rick decides they need to get rid of Randall. Dale, of course, disagrees and spews about humanity, blah, blah, blah . . . Hey, it’s a shoot first, ask questions later world.  Deal with it. Then Dale runs to Andrea and asks for help. He convinces her to guard Randall to prevent Shane from just killing him. She doesn’t think Dale is right, though. Then why? (Andrea was a civil rights lawyer?! I guess I missed that along the way.)

I can’t believe anyone buys Shane’s bs. His is so patently manipulative.  Then he warns Carl against the prisoner being manipulative. Sounded like he was talking about himself.

Oh, my gosh! I cannot take anymore of Dale’s proselytizing. So over it!!! Um, Dale? Civilization IS over. Carol’s still a sap. Carl is turning into a sociopath, which might actually be useful. He seemed to snap Carol out of herself for a moment. And how is Carl just allowed to wander off? What a dumb *$@%.

Beth is still like a depressed invalid in bed. I thought she chose to live? Hershel and Glenn have a nice heart to heart and Hershel gave Glenn his blessing about being with Maggie. Nice! I can’t help but be wary. Every nice gesture in this show has a suicidal undertone for me.  

Man, this group loves to talk, talk, talk. They could just put the prisoner on trial. Andrea could guide them. He could be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. The people he was with tried to kill Hershel, Glenn, and Rick. He was a part of that group. He could also be charged with murder. His friends died while they were committing a felony. Or something like that. It’s hard to think that there are laws in that world. Mores, sure. Personal ethics, yeah. But not a set of laws.  If they want to kill the prisoner, they should have a firing squad of whoever agrees with it. One shot each.

Okay, now I feel kind of bad about hating Dale so much. Not really. It's just the expected sentiment. They should’ve told him they didn’t kill the prisoner. Something nice for the end. And they should’ve gone for a shot to the side of the head. Not something so in his face. It was so sweet of Daryl to step in for Rick. After all, Rick shouldered the burden of killing Sophia when she came out of the barn. 

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