Monday, March 12, 2012

The Walking Dead: Better Angels

Shane, Andrea, T-Dawg, and Darryl in a truck . . . I would watch a spin-off of that group on their own, trying to make it in the zombie world.

I disagree with everything Rick said in his eulogy. Just because somebody died, doesn’t mean you have to live your life they wanted to live theirs. That’s just tyranny from beyond the grave.

Rick re-takes the leadership role and makes some great initial decisions.  He even includes everyone, though he’s still na├»ve when it comes to Shane. Asking Andrea to babysit Shane is like asking Rihanna to babysit Chris Brown.  I do love Andrea’s sass, though.  Feisty! People might start shaking off the molasses now that they have defined duties and some sort of schedule.

I don’t like Lori opening up to Shane. She doesn’t need to talk to Shane at all. If she feels like expressing her thoughts, she needs to talk to Rick. What the hell kind of wife is she?
[I love the Mad Men promo with The Walking Dead theme.]

I would brave The Walking Dead world for some face time with Darryl. Yum.

I now involuntarily tune out interactions between Rick and Shane. I have to strain to hear them, but, even when I do, it sounds like gibberish. Two guys spewing bs. I don’t  even care. I prefer Shane and Rick just beating the hell out of each other.

Wow. The talk that Rick gave Carl would’ve been so great without the Lifetime movie of the week piano soundtrack. Silence is golden, AMC.

So, Shane is pretty good at coming up with plans. Too bad he uses his power for evil rather than good. Randall’s right. Shane would “fit in good” with a bunch of rapists. Hmmmm, I guess Shane doesn’t know about everyone being infected with the virus and turning into walkers when they die.

Oh my Daryl is so smart! I really like Glen and Daryl together are quite the team, though I find it hard to believe that one walker could get the upper hand for even a moment against them. I’m going to chalk it up to Randal being fresh.

Beautiful cinematography in the Rick/Shane showdown scene. (Is it called that for television, too?) Holy smokes! I did not see that coming!!! I thought Darryl and Glen would find Rick and Shane, see what’s happening, and then one of them would put Shane down. It doesn’t make sense for Rick to care so much about killing Shane. Rick killed Sophia and Shane was just as sick as she was, just in a different way. In relation to Rick, Shane was an attempted murderer and Rick had a right to defend himself with equal force. And, finally, Carl makes himself useful. [Note: In the comics, Carl kills Shane outright when Rick and Shane are arguing.]

Looking forward to the next episode. Bummed that it’s the season finale! I won’t have any shows to watch until True Blood and Boardwalk Empire start. Ack! Mad Men is interesting, but I don’t get sucked into it the same way.

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