Saturday, April 28, 2012

Larry Crowne (2011)

I would start with a description of the story, but there is no story. The characters are one dimensional. I chuckled twice. Maybe. And the fact that it was because of Wilmer Valderrama’s character negates any good will following those chuckles. I thought I would enjoy a drunk, bitchy Julia Roberts, but it wasn’t fun. I’ve heard her be snide and condescending in interviews and that’s fun, but she’s so much smarter in her interviews. This is a movie written by Tom Hanks and Nia Vardalos, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, directed by Tom Hanks and the best part of the movie was Wilmer Valderrama’s character. Actually, the best part of the movie was my mom’s imitation of Julia Roberts’ laugh. Pretty spot on. Please don’t waste your time on this movie. 

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