Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Walking Dead: When the Dead Come Knocking

“This is what makes us girls/We all look for heaven and we put love first/Something that we’d die for/It’s our curse” – Lana Del Rey

Glenn and Maggie are being held captive and interrogated by Merle. I’m glad Glenn toughened before this event came to pass. I’m very concerned for Maggie. T-Dog’s name coming out of Merle’s mouth bothers me more than a lot of other stuff that’s happened on this show. Merle unleashes a walker on Glenn while Glenn is strapped to a chair. What a fucking coward! Glenn manages to free himself and take down the walker. Today, he is a man. The Governor winds up interrogating Maggie. I wish I could kill through the television, but, as much as I hate depictions of misogyny, I’m glad they finally showed how things might go down for women in such a world. All they want to know is where Rick’s group is. Damn, shut up, Maggie! Under the threat of rape, Maggie doesn’t break, but one gun to Glenn’s head and she spills it. She probably did save Glenn’s life and those left behind know about Woodbury and the Governor, thanks to Michonne.

Rick and Carl help Michonne into the prison, but Rick is still in full dictator mode. It sucks that Rick doesn’t know Michonne’s recent past of having her weapon taken away and being held by the Governor. It’s going to be that much harder for her to trust him. Seeing Rick’s emotional reunion with Carol seemed to help, though. Plus, I’m guessing Andrea filled her in on all of them during their travels. That didn’t mean Michonne will trust them on sight. I’ve read a lot of great things about the actress that plays Michonne, but so far she’s only had one expression. It can’t just be the writing. Seriously, so over Michonne’s scowl.

I really wanted Michonne to mention Merle’s name just to see everyone’s reaction. I’m so ready for the Woodbury/Rick’s Group meeting!

So, Rick and some of the gang are going to Woodbury to bring back Glenn and Maggie. Rick briefs Carl on what to do in case he doesn’t come back and says “take care of your sister.” He doesn’t even realize she doesn’t have a name. His own daughter. Not surprising since he only spent half a second acknowledging that his son watched his mother die then put a bullet through her head. Carl names the baby Judith. A bit anticlimactic.

So, Rick, Daryl, and helpful prisoner set out on their quest. Rick acknowledges to Daryl that Daryl has stepped up. The group gets stuck in a cabin, but they get out when Michonne creates walker chum out of the shack’s resident. How come the black guy has to carry everything?

These last two episodes have been boring until the last few moments. My blood is pumping for Rick to enter Woodbury and for Daryl and Merle to meet. My heart is pounding!

It’s strange how the walkers are mostly background now: something to live beside.

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