Monday, November 28, 2011

THE WALKING DEAD: Pretty Much Already Dead

“Should I stay or should I go, now? If I go there will be trouble. If I stay it will be double.” – The Clash

It’s daytime, but the scene is dark. I sense impending doom. Blabbermouth Glenn finally spills beans that should’ve been spilled a while ago. The group heads to the barn where Shane and Daryl have a confrontation and things get loud. Um, hello? Walkers like noise. So, they start pushing on the door. I think being on the farm for this long has made the whole group lose touch with reality, even Daryl. Just drop a few Molotov cocktails into the barn already.

Glenn tries to talk to Maggie, but Maggie has regressed to the first grade and Glenn is left with egg all over his face. He manages to say his piece later on and Maggie really, really liked it.

Carl tells his mom he wants to stay on the farm. We all know where he gets his I-say-so-and-so-it-is expectation.

Even for an abused woman, Carol is a bit too dead inside. All she really had was her daughter and she’s choosing Daryl’s well-being over Sophia. I feel like I’m watching an episode of the Twilight Zone.  C’mon! The damned writers are making Daryl stupid, too.  Daryl and Maggie need some mood stabilizers.

Dale tries talking to Andrea about Shane, but Andrea doesn’t want to hear it. (Note: In the comics, Andrea and Dale are an item.) Dale lays an ugly guilt trip on Andrea about her rejecting him every time he tries to help her. She had a dad. He’s dead. You’re not her dad. Stop acting like it. Ugh. I am not a fan of their relationship.  Skeevy.  

Rick wants to have a discussion with Hershel about the barn. Hershel has never discussed anything. He dictates. I don’t care that it’s the zombie apocalypse. In my experience, the older a person, the harder it is to change their way of thinking. Trying to change someone using your own experience almost never works.* It’s rural Georgia. Can’t the group find another farm and some barbed wire and start their own colony?

Rick tells Shane Lori is pregnant. I’m terrified. And two scenes later, rightfully so. Shane is so sick. I finally feel bad for Lori. There’s no way to handle this situation correctly, but telling Shane that even if it is his, it’s not going to be his, was bad, bad, bad. Then Carl, just like his mommy, tells Shane what to do. Hell to the no.

Hershel makes Rick an offer he should absolutely refuse. Some walkers are stuck in the mud and Hershel wants to help them out and put them in the barn. Rick helps. Jesus wept (John 11:35).  

Dale steals the guns and tries to hide them from Shane. Shane finds him and confronts him. Dale misses a golden opportunity to kill Shane. I think the group would’ve forgiven him. Except maybe Carl, but who cares.

Shane loses it, but it does have some benefits. At least he armed everyone first. Then he opens up the barn door and it’s like a live-action video game. If I were unarmed, I would’ve started running, especially if I had a child. Daryl is just as sexy with a shotgun as he is with a crossbow.

Whoa!!! What a punch to the gut! Sophia was one of the walkers in Hershel’s barn this whole time. Totally gut-wrenching. I did not see that coming. Rick reclaimed his role as leader by putting her down.

I was too stunned to comprehend the preview for the next episode.

[Norman Reedus in the aftershow!!!  He’s so yummy!!!]

*But daddies do listen to their daughters. Maggie gave it her best shot. A Hail Maggie?

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