Friday, November 25, 2011


Secrets: I know it was you, Shane. But you didn't break my heart?

I enjoy a good, spooky opening. One of the women from the farm feeds chickens to the zombies and they attack. Glen, understandably, is keeping a close eye on the barn full of zombies.  I love that it’s Glen that found out. He seems the least likely to be able to keep a secret, especially when he is already keeping Lori’s pregnancy a secret. What’s Lori trying to do by keeping it a secret, anyway? Is she going to throw herself down some stairs? It doesn’t take Glen long to spill his secrets.

Daryl easily forgives Andrea for shooting him in the head, because she was protecting their group. I would like to immediately have Daryl’s babies. Or at least start trying.

 Again with the miraculous recoveries. Carl is up and walking around and wanting to learn how to shoot. Shane’s interaction with Carl seems indicative of Shane having changed his mind about leaving.  Lori is upset and surprised that Carl wants a gun. She has now taken Shane’s place as the most ridiculous, character on the show. She is beyond unrealistic.

I really enjoyed thug-life, cowboy’s shooting style.  The excess of target practice seems like a waste of bullets and what happened to loud noises attracting walkers?  Each person should have their own cache of non-boom weapons they can use against the walkers.  Putting together that cache seems more important than target practice.

Dale confronts Hershel about the walkers in the barn. Hershel confesses that his wife and stepson are in the barn. Hershel and his people being so isolated helps explain the lingering sentimentality. If they had been confronted with an uncertain gypsy lifestyle and repeated attacks and other interactions with walkers, Hershel probably wouldn’t be so hopeful. See: Andrea putting a bullet in her sister’s head.  

Lori is hurt when she thanks Hershel and he replies by suggesting they need to leave soon. That’s the first time I realized that Lori is really just a spoiled brat. A lot of things make more sense. Her indulgence with Shane. Her demanding ways.  Lori tells Rick who already know. Her reaction: “How can you keep something this big from me?” Primary traits of spoiled brats: lack of self awareness and inability to empathize.

Dale confronts Lori about her pregnancy.  Lori tells Dale that Shane happened because she “wanted to feel something. Anything.” That’s legit. What I don’t understand is why there isn’t more humping around. Andrea and Daryl or Shane or Glenn. Carol and Daryl or Dale. (But then it happens towards the end!!! As much as I hate Shane, I’m glad someone is getting some! Post-walker slaughter rush.)

For once, I enjoyed and agreed with one of Dale’s sermons. That they can still find joy and happiness from one another.  

Maggie is pissed at Glenn for spilling the beans, but it’s a pretty big secret. He tries to make amends by subtly revealing Lori’s secret. Which seems to be that not only is she pregnant, but she’s going to try for a medical abortion. This all goes down in the pharmacy where Maggie is awesomely attacked by a zombie and Glenn turns into a quick thinking warrior with a shelf and then a knife.  What’s up, Glenn? How you doin’?

Maggie is pissed at Lori*, but throws some love Glenn’s way. And she’s right. Glenn is brave and smart and a leader and the group does treat him like an expendable errand boy. She forgot sweet. Glenn brought back prenatal vitamins for Lori, too.

Shane takes Andrea with him to look for Sophia.  They find a house full of dead people and then they’re surrounded by walkers.  Shane uses it as a lesson and comes through. Straight up Michael Corleone with the steady hands. I think Andrea has a taste for blowing out walker brains. Nice!

Is Dale a psychic? Even for the classic wizened, old man, it’s beyond realistic. Although, he’s showing a bit of naiveté when pushing Shane, if he really knows what kind of man Shane is.

Rick finds the “abortion” pills and confronts Lori. Rick is understandably pissed and grows a spine in reaction to Lori, finally. They have a pretty good discussion on the pros and cons of keeping the baby. Lori admits to her dalliance with Shane and Rick is all like, “I know.” What the hell? He knew? Or even suspected? Could’ve fooled me. Rick is definitely the type to put the group’s interests and the interests of humanity above his ego, but I need Rick to be a little more upset and make Shane do a little penance. Killing Otis to get Carl medicine was not it.

The scare and gore factor were at a great level in this episode.  Better than last week’s episode, which was the best episode since the season opener.  So now, this is the best episode since the season opener.

*Why did the abortion pill case say “morning after.” Morning after pills don’t cause abortions or miscarriages and are only effective up to a few days after one has unprotected sex. I know this isn’t an educational show (unless you believe in an impending zombie apocalypse, then it’s a great what-not-to-do show), but come on. 


  1. Agree with you on the opening, and it was kinda downhill from there. Do you think they could re-tool it into the Glenn and Daryl Show? Because those are the only two characters that remotely interest me--or stand a chance of surviving the stupidity of everybody else.

  2. That would be awesome! Daryl and Glenn on Harleys just traveling cross country. Maggie behind Glenn and me behind Daryl. Shotguns in motorcyle saddles. Crossbows on our backs. Sort of like TWD meets Sons of Anarchy. With T-Dawg, too. I think he would be a good character if the writers gave him a chance.