Monday, October 15, 2012

Rios v. Alvarado – Junior Welterweight

Was it action packed? Yes. Did fans and boxing analysts nut themselves over it? Yes. Was it a good fight? Yes. Was it a great boxing match? No. Rios has had 400 amateur bouts. It certainly didn’t show. It looks like he decided he knew all he needed to know about boxing after his first couple of fights and stopped developing his skills after that.

A minute into the first round, Rios started to lose control of himself and started brawling. Despite his record, I think this is as good as Rios will ever be. If Alvarado were younger, I would say that he has a future. If he can learn not lower himself to the level of brawlers and work a bit on his defense, I think he could still have some great boxing moments. Also, ain’t no shame in taking a knee and a standing eight count. It’s a more noble defense strategy than Mayweather’s shoulder defense. *eye roll*

Marquez or Pacquiao would dismantle Rios, especially if they catch him on one of his off nights. Rios is a bit inconsistent. That could be attributed to his problems with making weight, but even if has all of that under control, I wouldn’t put up against any high caliber fighters.

Rios did do something that’s not done as much in boxing anymore: He worked the body. He did a great job, early on, of working over Alvarado. It gave him the edge by making Alvarado just a little bit more fatigued as the fight went on.

This fight didn’t rise to the level of Barrera-Morales or Gatti-Ward, but it was the slugfest it was promised to be. I just wish there had been more technical skills displayed.  I would definitely watch a rematch!

Rios did win by TKO as the ref stopped the fight in the 7th round.

Donaire v. Nishioka – Junior Featherweights

“High intensity chess match.” A display of “extreme athleticism.” That’s what most boxing matches should be. This was more of a slightly active chess match than a high intensity one. I do love the lighter weight classes, because when they let those fists fly, it’s beautiful. They remind me of hummingbirds in flight.  This did not happen here.

Nishioka looked tired from the beginning.  Donaire seemed to have some difficulty with Nishioka’s fighting style.* Waiting until the 6th round to start boxing was a little odd for this weight class. I guess Nishioka getting knocked down lit a fire under him. Hey, whatever it takes.**

Donaire won his 29th straight fight over the span of 11 years with a 9th round TKO with a stoppage by the ref.

*This led to the first instance I have experienced where Roy Jones, Jr. had some good advice for a fighter in the ring and that his personal story actually related to the fight. Not quite a miracle, but a cool breeze may have blown in hell.

**Also known as “whatever the fuck it takes.” My favorite “move” from one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long, long time, Win Win

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