Monday, October 29, 2012

The Walking Dead: Walk with Me

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away . . .

At first it seemed like a dumb idea to seek out a helicopter crash, but then I thought about how the thought of coming across some military personnel might lead to some answers about what happened or a helicopter could be evidence of fan organized and fortified city. Andrea and Michonne did get some valuable information: that everyone is infected. And hot showers!!!

I've read the synopsis of the entire comic book series (I just couldn't help myself!), so I’m not a fan of the Governor and not very excited to see him. Benevolent dictators are still dictators. Curfews. Noise ordinances. Armed “escorts” for visitors. Secret laboratories. He’s good, though. Deliciously charismatic. And knows how to scavenge weapons and is a wicked shot. Atticus Finch would so not be his friend, though. In his defense, if I ruled a colony, I would be wary of bringing a tight-knit group of military guys into it. Military coups happen to popular sitting leaders every day. They probably wouldn't give up their weapons easily and allow for a get-to-know-you period. Still, never trust a man who spends most of the day outside and is still so pale.

MERLE! Merle’s gotten leaner and meaner and funnier. Much better than when we saw him last. Ugh, he’s still the kind of guy that would sit on a backwards chair. *eye roll* Despite Merle’s repulsiveness, there must be some sort of comfort in the familiarty of someone from your past in that type of world.  Andrea doesn't seem all that suspicious. I wish she had been more detailed when describing how Rick went back to get him. If I were Merle, I would be the most pissed off at my little brother for not looking for me until he found me. 

It actually hurt my feelings to know that Michonne was separated from her katana. She seems naked and off balance. Too bad for Michonne that the Governor knows how smart she is. I think Michonne is as close to a human terminator as possible. Stay suspicious, Mich!

I have this sense of dread during every episode and throughout the entire episode. At first I thought it was the dread from sensing a startling moment around the corner, but now I think it’s about realizing that there’s no civility in that world and probably wouldn't be if society did break down. Unless you’re with your family and isolated, it’s going to be rape and murder and tyranny. Writing of rape, I wonder if males watching the show pick up or think about the undercurrent of imminent sexual violence in the show and in such a society.

I felt like I was watching a spin off  Like when Jake guested on Beverly Hills 90210 (original) to usher in Melrose Place and Golden Girls and Empty Nest and Bones and The Finder. During this episode, I realized that I would rather live in an open field or a farmhouse or an RV or anything except for a small town or city. The sense of emptiness gave me the creeps.

Something seemed off the last few episodes, but I couldn't put my finger on it until I had to wake up early Saturday morning to let my dog out: Carol seems strangely happy and free and alive considering her only child recently turned into a walker and was executed by the leader of her group. It just reaffirmed my belief that children are mostly a burden. (Sorry mom and dad.)

Who would you rather have as a leader in a zombie apocalypse?
The Governor

The Governor is actually pretty good unless you want to think your own thoughts and contradict him or are any kind of threat.

Rick is the best choice, but there’s an element missing from his leadership abilities.

Michonne is too much of a lone wolf. I think Andrea is about all of the subjects she would be able to manage and she can barely stand having her.

Daryl is the hotness, but he’s better as a second. He’s actually a great second-in-command.

I supposed I would prefer a committee and eventual parliamentary structure. (I'm still proud to be an American and think that the U.S. system of government is one of the best in the world and that our judicial system is the absolute best.)

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  1. Yeah, if I had a colony I would be wary of bringing newbies in, especially a military group, with training. They could easily overrun the structure. However, I would figure that more bodies that are trained to fight would be a good thing, and if they run the place like a democracy it would work out.

    I'm sure the military men they shot had a pretty good idea of the need for curfews and really high walls.

    I got the feeling that Merle seemed unpleased, and not because of Andrea's appearance, but may want to leave, which makes me wonder if anyone is allowed to leave the compound.

    I think Andrea is playing this smart, at least I hope so. I am hoping she is playing the "good cop" to Michonne's "bad cop".

    In this society, children are a burden, even though they are necessary to repopulate. Think back to what Lori said when she was going to abort the baby, they would be at risk whenever the child cried. It would be easier to be on the run without a kid. I think Carol has accepted that.

    And also, this is a kill or be killed, Merle put it right saying that he would piss his pants if someone didn't have a gun in hand when approaching him. I have no doubt that the true nature of people would be shown if something like this happened. Did you watch the Webisodes? They are on the AMC website, and it gives a little peek into what you touched on.

    It would come down to Rick or Daryl for me. Rick is a good leader in a group situation. Daryl is best if I wanted to split from the group and have it just be the 2 of us.

    What bugged me about the episode was the Tea. Why did the Governor mention that he needed the science nerd for the tea, and why was it somewhat highlighted at the breakfast? I heard on the Talking Dead it was an inside joke about someone, but I love a good speculation.

    And about your comment on my blog, I am not plugged into blog etiquette either, so hanging out sometime would be cool with me. We can totally talk about our zombie plans and emergency kits! Nerd out. We can chat more via email sometime.