Monday, October 22, 2012

The Walking Dead: Sick

T-Dawg and Daryl are a great security team! It’s a nice, subtle display of how well the group has gelled. Everyone has changed a lot, but I wonder how Daryl will handle Merle’s reappearance.

I have no medical training whatsoever and even I know you need to cauterize the wound. Maybe shoot a few rounds and put the barrel of the gun against the wound? And I’m having a hard to buying that he wouldn’t turn.  Every time anyone left Hershel’s cell, I expected him to turn and bite whoever was left.  What eventually happened was so scary, I jumped and woke up my dog who then gave me the nastiest side-eye. He's not a fan of the zombie genre.

Prisoners are usually the hardened, do-whatever-it-takes, no morals characters in a show. In a post-apocalyptic world, everyone’s a prisoner and has to do whatever it takes to survive. I hope there are more interactions between the group and the prisoners. I’d like to see if they recognize that survival instinct in each other and how they each demonstrate it.*  I would, however, like to thank the prisoners for the first laugh out loud moment I've had watching this show in a long time. They’re violent as hell, but dumber than a box of rocks. They learned the right way to be violent very quickly, though. The group learned something from them, too: violence can be used to end an argument. Kudos to both groups.

Rick admits that killing the prisoners is an option. I’m surprised after everything they've been through, he seems reluctant to even say it out loud. He can’t hate Lori that much if he’s still confiding in her and looking for her approval and support.  FINALLY: “I know I’m a shitty wife and I’m not winning any mother of the year awards.” – Lori Grimes. I also liked her reprimand of Carl for going out by himself. Pure comedy. I’ve been through some bad breakups, but that last scene with Rick and Lori was rough. Despite my feelings about Lori, I think it would be better for them to be together. Having someone’s support that you feel close to could really make the difference. And not just in a post-apocalyptic zombie world.

And so it came to pass, that Rick had to kill another person. Nasty style, too. Another two people if you count the guy he left out in the side yard with the walkers. I’m very impressed with Andrew Lincoln’s ability to show the hardness (borderline tyrannical psychosis) on his face. I’m officially afraid of Rick Grimes. He has earned his dictatorship.

After thoughts:

Why would they kill the prisoner with just a scratch, because he was going to turn, and let Hershel live who was bitten through flesh? I thought blood pumped pretty quickly. Losing Hershel would’ve been devastating. Worse than losing anyone else so far, but it feels like a cheat.

I think that was the least sexy scene involving a woman’s panties since moving pictures were invented.

*Well, that was quick. RIP prisoners.


  1. The prison riot style when they first went after the zombies was hilarious! I loved how Daryl, Rick and T-Dawg just stood there watching them, thinking "WTF?" I especially liked the red headed guy trying to shank style kill a walker.

    The Comic Con trailer (or whichever is the 3-4 minutes preview trailer for the entire season) shows Daryl leaving the prison on his bike. I suspect that is when he finds out about Merle, and then chooses to leave the group? Food for thought I guess.

    I literally jumped so high off my couch watching the Lori/Hershel scene, holy hell! I expected him to turn at that point, I was even talking to my TV "Don't do it, don't be stupid".

    I don't know about the Rick/Lori thing, as much as I don't like Lori, I kinda feel bad for her. I'm surprised to say that too.

    The prisoner who got scratched or bit or whatever was a nobody. Also, the location of the injury was in a place that you could not amputate, and it was close to the spinal column, thus perfect brain access. Why waste man power and supplies trying to save someone you don't know that you should save? Plus he bitched out and broke rank.

    1. There was just something hilarious about a display of angry violence without any consequences. Like when a guy is seriously demonstrating his nunchuck skills, thinking he looks like Bruce Lee, and conks himself. They were sooooooooo serious!

      As soon as he broke rank, I knew he was a goner. I just thought a walker would eat him.

      Daryl can go wherever he wants to go AS LONG AS HE STAYS ON THE SHOW.

  2. i dont even remember panties, thats how unsexy it was.

    rick's actions did surprise me. i'm glad he took instant retribution though to the prisoner who shoved him to the ground.

    i do have medical training. they should have started by dislocating the knee as the amputation site. secondly, blood can travel completely through the body in just seconds. less than a minute. i've seen it and tested it.

    if he doesn't go 'walker' i'll lose total faith in the show.